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How many times have you looked at an Audi and classified the driver as an ‘Audi Driver’  Where Audi driver extols a certain wankerish badge, and implies that the car indicators will not work.


How many times have the car drivers complained about bloody cyclists?  How many times have they got in your way, moving out into the middle of the road, how many times have you ‘buzzed’ them.  How many times have you swore at the cyclists who jump a red light?


I’m a cyclist.  Actually I’m not, saying I’m a cyclist is perpetuating a problem on the UK roads.  Car drivers seem to feel that cyclists are foxes and deserved to be hunted down.


Actually that’s not fair, here I’m perpetuating the issue I’m trying to identify and stop.  Car drivers are still human beings, as are cyclists.  We are all living beings sharing a small piece of (in Edinburgh rutted) tarmac and we should all treat each other with a certain respect.  We are all humans in different forms of metal / carbon cages.  Please look out for each other, cos we’re all fucked if we don’t