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Swearing is such a useful release of pent up frustrations, but why is it so that an otherwise meaningless collection of letters and sounds has been agreed upon by our society to mean what it does?


Fuck, cunt, bastard all in and of themselves are inoffensive.  When was it decided that the meanings attributed to these sounds would mean what it does, and then determined that the meaning would be classed as offensive?


Google, Microsoft, heaven, cider – arbitrarily these collections of letters and sounds could be substituted.  If swearing was offensive to all people, why don’t we have standard swear words that require no translation.


Swearing, like god and healthy McDonalds, is just a small figment on the human psyche, and I think it’s time to invent some new swear words.


PS – May be biased (not may about it really) but a Scottish accent really is the best accent for getting real feeling and invective when swearing.  I never feel that a person believes it when they call me a fucking cunt unless  they have a Scottish accent.  Perfect match really.